Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Okay so I'm all moved into my new place and I just TODAY got internet! I'll be able to post more often and I'll be doing make up tutorialssss and other stuff that's still in the works.

Quick update to Janelle's life:

Zach (my ex) does now know where I live, he stayed with me for a weekend, we kissed and cuddled and I missed him, however, that spark just isn't there anymore. For about a year him and I both tried so hard NOT to care for each other that it just kinda disappeared :/ but he's a great guy and I wish him the best.

The guy I liked, likes me, however, he's a senior and he wants to be able to go out and not worry about hurting me, blah blah blah. BUMMER! His loss though...right?

I got a local job at a place called EsScentuals, I love/hate it, there are times when it's really great and other times I feel overwhelmed with work and school but it's money and I need money!

I will upload some pictures of how I've decorated my cottage soon, I've REALLY got to write a speech that I have to give tomorrow, procrastinate much?

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