Monday, June 27, 2011

Relationship Update

Okay so one major thing that happened a few weeks ago is Zach and I stopped talking completely. Even though it hurts not talking to him and though sometimes my heart still aches for him, my life has kind of fallen in to place as weird as that sounds. And I don't mean that in a relationship kind of way because I am still single and not currently "dating" anyone, I've gone on a few dates but I found I'm not interested in them in that way.

Back to how my life has fallen in to place, I got my new car (which I'm sure Zach knows what it looks like seeing how I'm still friends with his friends on Facebook because last time I deleted them he got mad and I don't really care if they show him my Facebook, I've had him blocked for coming up on a year because I can't let myself hurt myself looking at it), I found the perfect place for me to live (Zach'll never know where I live) [pictures tomorrow!], I'm going back to my natural hair color (Zach has never seen my hair my natural color) I tried dyeing it a week or so ago and it turned out a little too dark so I'm waiting for it to fade/"heal" so I can fix it, I got a job at MAC cosmetics, I believe I have improved on myself as a person (communication of feelings, honesty [not leading guys on :X], etc)  and I feel happy. Basically everything has switched up since we stopped talking, but in a good way. I really hope things are going well for Zach too but I try to avoid thinking about him now, it is hard, it's just for the better.

So that's my update! Check back to see the pictures of my soon to be cottage!

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